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Terms and Conditions of Team Registration


1. Agreement with Terms and Conditions of Registration:

By completing this on-line entry application, you (the person registering the team, or "Team Manager") agree to the terms and conditions of this Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. tournament. It is the Team Manager's responsibility to ensure that your team abides by the rules and regulations governing play and behavior both on and off the field at the tournament. Violations of the tournament rules and regulations may result in the disqualification of your team or some of your players. You also grant permission to post your team name, team manager’s name, team logo and contact information on the tournament website.

2. Divisions of Competition and Player Eligibility:

Check the Divisions page of this website to view the team entry fees and the age groups available for team registration. 

3. Proof of Age:

Ocean City Lacrosse values honesty and trust among it’s participants, and will largely rely upon the honorable behavior of participating teams with regard to player eligibility.

Tournament officials will conduct random sideline ID checks throughout the tournament to verify player eligibility.  All teams are responsible for ensuring that each of its players has valid identification in their possession during tournament games.

All allegations related to the use of ineligible players will be investigated by tournament staff. Teams and players violating divisional age requirements are subject to game forfeiture or tournament disqualification.

4. Prohibition on Playing for Two Teams in One Division:

No player is permitted to play for more than one team in any single division. Although it is not encouraged, players may play for teams in different age groups, so long as they are eligible for each division in which they play. Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. cannot be responsible for schedule conflicts with teams that have players in different divisions. 

Whenever possible, Ocean City Lacrosse tries to separate the game schedule so as to allow for players who play in different divisions. For the sake of competition, limited exceptions to players playing for multiple teams, within a division, will be considered so long as both teams agree in advance to these exceptions. The only clear exception to this multiple team rule is when a team loses their Goal Tender: in such cases, a substitute Goal Tender will be allowed.

No player is allowed to play for more than one team in any single age division. However, in non-playoff games, for the sake of competition, limited exceptions to this rule will be considered: in such cases, both team managers participating in any single game must agree, in advance of the game, under the supervision of game officials, to allow players who are ineligible under this prohibition to participate. During playoff games, the only permitted exception is if a team is missing their goaltender, due to injury or extenuating circumstances. In such circumstances, a substitute goaltender will be allowed to play.

5. Rosters, Waiver and Release of Liability:

In registering for the tournament, the Team Manager (person registering the team) agrees to comply with all registration requirements, including the timely submission of rosters forms and team waiver and release of liability, which will be available on the tournament website. As Team Manager, you agree to submit your roster online, and to make updates until the submission deadline.

Final rosters are due 1 hour prior to your first scheduled game. Final Championship Round rosters are due 1 hour prior to your team's first playoff game.

6. Code of Conduct and Tournament Rules:

All participants are required to abide by the Ocean City Lacrosse Tournament Code of Conduct and Rules of Play. There will be zero tolerance for behavior that is inconsistent with the Code of Conduct and the Rules of Play. Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. reserves the right to expel any violating parties from the event and its sites.

7. Competition Format, Scheduled Games and Inclement Weather:

Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd will use its best efforts to ensure that each registered team plays the number of games established in the tournament schedule, which will be published in July before the tournament. Four fifty-minute games will be scheduled for each team. In the best interests of participant’s safety and the tournament's facilities, Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. reserves the right to postpone or cancel games due to inclement weather. There have also been rare instances where a properly registered team does not appear for a game. In such a case, Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. will try to arrange a replacement game, but cannot reasonably guarantee that a replacement game will be provided. Teams that do not show up for a scheduled game will be subject to disqualification from the current and future tournaments.

8. Payment Terms:

Team Managers MUST REGISTER ONLINE to enter the tournament. Initial registration for all divisions will be by invitation to those teams which participated in the prior year's Ocean City Lacrosse Classic. After the initial registration period (October 15 through March 1), registration will then be open to all teams, who may register on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, complete the on-line registration process and pay the required non-refundable deposit by March 1. To guarantee team placement, the total balance due must be paid in full to Ocean City Lacrosse Ltd. by May 1st. Beginning May 1st, openings will be filled from the waiting list. Failure to register online or submit full payment by May 1st will constitute an incomplete registration, and your registration may be terminated at the discretion of the tournament. After May 1st, all payments will be non-refundable if a replacement team cannot be found. Final payment is due June 15 without exception.

Last revision: October 17, 2016


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